The Crowning Meme Of March Madness Thus Far: Sad Bill Murray

Poor, sweet Bill.

The first weekend of March Madness has come and gone, and with it, plenty of busted brackets, broken hearts, and early round insanity. As per tradition, the sporting and news worlds have blown up for a tournament featuring 64 teams almost no one pays attention to until March, and this year's collection of reactions, reactions to reactions, and beyond seems to be louder than ever.

Perhaps the biggest source of Internet glee came Sunday night, as 7-seed Wisconsin crushed 2-seed Xavier's hopes and dreams in the final 13 seconds of play. Noted funny sad person/sad funny person Bill Murray was in attendance to support Xavier, for which his son Luke is a first-year assistant coach. Naturally, after Wisconsin's Bronson Koenig hit a buzzer-beating three from the corner to win the game, the camera panned to the fans to capture the simultaneous elation and heartbreak. Among them stood the elder Murray, with about as bummed a face as humanity can muster.


Yep, that's what March Madness looks like. It wouldn't be fair to just show one side of the coin, though, so here's former Wisconsin hero Frank Kaminsky's reaction to the shot:

Of course, as soon as the game was over, the memes started flooding in.

There was crying Jordan.

There was crying Murray/Jordan in "Space Jam."

There was bummed Murray in "Groundhog Day."

There was even bummed Murray next to bummed puppy.

Chin up, Bill. There's always next year.

Cover image: Dylan Flood via Twitter / Danny via Twitter


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