Ellen Has Bill Hader Play A Game Of Impressions, But We’re The Ones Who Win In The End

Get ready to laugh.

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Since Bill Hader is set to host Saturday Night Live on March 17, Ellen DeGeneres decided to kick things off by asking the comedian to do some of his best impressions on her talk show.

But there's a twist: DeGeneres decides to turn it all into a game. First, she spins a generator that turns up a famous person's name and a random activity. From there, Hader must act out how the selected person would handle being in the given scenario.


For example, Hader does an impression of Jack Nicholson running a lemonade stand:

"You're gonna order a lemonade from me, little child," Hader says in his best Nicholson voice. "And if you don't order a lemonade from me you're going to go right to hell."

Hader also does impressions of John Oliver at a hip-hop concert, Harry Styles training at the gym, and Elvis Presley at a job interview. Altogether, the segment makes for some pretty hilarious moments.

You can check it all out below:


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