Does Bill Gates Know What Everyday Grocery Items Cost? Ellen Decided To Find Out.

"This'll be interesting."

Ellen DeGeneres had Bill Gates on her show for the very first time this week, and she knew exactly what game to play with him. The host set up her own version of The Price is Right and asked Gates to guess the prices of various grocery store items, from Tide Pods to Totino's Pizza Rolls, within a dollar.

Gates, who has been a billionaire from a young age, admitted that it's been a "long time" since he was in a grocery store, and it showed. The audience laughed as he alternately guessed much too high or much to low on the everyday items, but he was open to changing his guesses based on their suggestions. In fact, it's the only reason he was able to win the game and give them all an invitation to DeGeneres' "12 Days of Giveaways."


He may not know how much frozen spinach and artichoke dip costs, but Gates is extremely generous with his fortune. He spoke to DeGeneres about contributing $40 billion of his own money to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which focuses on health care in developing countries and education reform in the United States.

Gates has also invested in clean energy, and he recently said his taxes weren't high enough, criticizing Congress's recent bill for benefiting the wealthy. He has previously committed to giving away 95 percent of his fortune.

"That, to me, is what money — when you have that kind of money — is for," DeGeneres told him. "You're making such a huge difference, so I'm glad you're a billionaire."

Check out the full game and interview in the videos below:


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