A Couple Transformed This $800 Dumpster Into A Seriously Beautiful Vacation Home

We'd never guess the house used to be a trash receptacle from the "after" photo.

One person's trash may be another's treasure. But one couple took things to a whole new level by transforming a literal trash receptacle into one of their most cherished possessions: a home. 

Jamie and Brad Bigelow were interested in having a vacation home in Florence, Arizona. "Our family goes out there a lot, so we wanted a little house as a base that we could stay at," Jamie told Today. "We just love going out there and stargazing."

As a general contractor, Brad is used to getting creative and knows how easily you can transform a space with the right tools. So, when he spotted an old dumpster for $800, he saw it as a solution to finding their vacation home. 

Brad enlisted the help of his brothers and nephews and they transformed the dumpster into a 176-square-foot home with a seated deck. 


If it weren't for the before and after photos, we'd never guess that this tiny home used to be a dumpster. 

The tiny home has just the essentials: an indoor wood-burning stove and a bed for them to sleep in. The Bigelows use a small generator to power their lights and have access to an outhouse that's just next door.

The total cost of the transformation was $13,000. That's a small sum compared to what it would cost to purchase a home. While this tiny house may not have all the luxurious amenities or spaces we see in most vacation homes, it has just what the Bigelows need in their perfect location. 


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