Why This Mom Chooses Not To Share Photos Of Her Baby On Social Media

She has her reasons, but isn't judging others.

To post or not to post photos of your kids on social media? It's a question new parents are often faced with, and have to think carefully about. One mom, who goes by the Reddit handle bigbadmamabear, shared a thread on the Parenting subbreddit about why she will not be sharing photos, and why she's asking friends and family to respect her wishes.


She begins by asking, "Does anyone else not post pictures of their kids on social media?"

The Redditor reveals that she posted a birth announcement on Facebook with a couple of photos and that was all. Her family has been respectful about keeping the baby off social media, but she says, "[they] thinks we're being overprotective and crazy."  

"My mom has even gone so far as to say that my daughter will think we don't love her because we didn't post about her on social media when she was younger [insert dramatic eye roll here]."

She proceeds to list her reasons why she doesn't want photos shared of her baby girl, the top reason being to protect her privacy. It's a reason that many cite when they come to a decision to share their kids' photos online.

What's more, BigBadMamaBear doesn't want something that's posted on the internet for posterity to negatively impact her daughter later in life or make her feel embarrassed. She doesn't want their baby girl to feel she is valued only by the number of likes she receives.

The Redditor also highlighted the importance of her daughter's choice. "She should have the right to choose what is posted about her when she is old enough to decide whether she wants to have an online presence or not," explained the mom. "This is the first generation that has no say in their online presence, and we want to respect her future choice to be online or not."

BigBadMamaBear ends the post by asking, "Besides, who benefits from posting these pictures online? Does it actually benefit the child? In most cases, I feel like it doesn't."

The Redditor also makes it clear that she "isn't judging [those] who do decide to post photos of their children."

The thread was posted on June 19 and has already received a number of responses from parents who fall on both sides of the debate. There are ones who don't post like BigBadMamaBear, as well ones who post online, but make sure they do it to networks where not everyone can see the photos and they only add people they know.

One parent revealed they are posting baby photos, but will probably stop after they turn 2 years old,  because "that's when her kids will start to look like their future selves."

Another revealed how she tried to keep photos of her first baby off social media, but one thing led to another with the second one, with more photos being posted. Looking back, she said, "Now I think about it like, 'Yeah, this is photo evidence that can't be un-posted', but ... I wish I had this kind of evidence of my grandparents and their relationship with my parents. And mine with me. How nice to be able to look back and see how things have changed, and how they're the same."

One parent said they share lots of photos online, but said no one should feel the need to defend their choice, whatever it may be.

"You don’t have to justify yourself to ANYONE. This is your baby and you are the boss. Haters to the left. Seriously, I’m so sick of people judging others' parenting decisions. You guys do you!"

Many echoed the sentiment. "We don't post any photos, I shouldn't be expected to justify it," a Redditor wrote. "You do post photos, you don't need to explain why." 

The thread shows that there are a number of opinions and answers that are different for each individual. It also highlights this is something other generations haven't had to deal with so there's no framework to go off of. It's up to the individuals to make their choices with their kids' best interests at heart while being as respectful as they can be.

(H/T: Popsugar)

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