'Big Gal' Teaches Us Both Yoga And Body Confidence

Love yourself.

Yoga is about a lot of things, but first and foremost it's about learning how to love yourself.

And Valerie, better known as Big Gal Yoga, helps us to embrace just that. She started posting photos and videos of her yoga practice online three years ago and now has more than 50,000 followers on Instagram alone. 

Way to set an example, lady!


"Through my own yoga practice I've come to love my body, and accept it as it is now," Valerie explains on her GoFundMe page.

"My practice has also given me the strength to get over the mental hurdle of my own self doubt when it comes to enjoying the fun and beautiful things in life."

Whoa, girl. Those are some serious yogi skills right there.

Now, Valerie wants to inspire you to embrace your body, too ...

She shared the following note with the above photo on Instagram:

"I debated to post this or not, and had a long post that sounded controversial. Then it just came down to showing my chubby body up close, and appreciating my body now. All of us have body issues whether you are big or small, but it's good to just take the time to look at yourself and just love it as it is now. Whether you are on a weight loss journey or just learning to love yourself slowly. [...] I hope that everyone can take the time to look at themselves and see such a beautiful human being."

This Big Gal yogi is aiming to become a yoga teacher so she can encourage other people — the ones that "never thought they could try yoga because they believed they had to look a certain way in society's view." 

So never tell yourself that you can't.

Because you certainly can.

It's just a decision you need to make.

You can support Valerie and her goal of becoming a yoga teacher here.

(H/T: Refinery29)


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