Watch This Boy Adorably Explain The Job Of A Big Brother

"I'm responsible for him, because I'm his big brother."

The bond between siblings is unlike any other and it's always sweet to hear what they have to say about one another. In a recent video for Humans of New York: The Series — the video series spin-off from the popular photography blog — two young brothers discussed their relationship. 

"The job of a big brother is easy," the older brother said. "It's mostly like taking care and protecting your little brother. I'm responsible for him, because I'm his big brother."


Despite how short the video is, it beautifully conveys the relationship between two brothers. They care about each other, get excited about little things, and even see things a little differently. When the older brother posits that he's always nice to his little brother, his little brother explains that he's "not always, but a little super nice." 

"Well, in my experience, or point of view, I always be nice to you and you always be nice to me," the older brother said. 

Watch the heartwarming video above. 


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