Mayim Bialik And Kunal Nayyar Brought The 'Bazinga!' To Their 'Drop The Mic' Battle

"You're a tiny star, I'm the Big Bang Theory!"

We've been loving all the latest match-ups on the new Late Late Show spin-off Drop the Mic — from Charlie Puth and the Backstreet Boys to James Corden and Nicole Richie. Earlier this week, it was a battle of the Big Bang Theory stars, as actors Mayim Bialik and Kunal Nayyar, who play Amy and Raj on the CBS sitcom, gave each other a good-natured roasting.

The pair clearly had plenty of fun reciting their rhymes, and even seemed impressed by each other's digs. "It's my pal Mayim, isn't that awesome? / She's a former child star who never quite 'blossomed,' " Nayyar said to start, referring to Bialik's breakout role as the title character on the TV series Blossom. He later added, "Truth is, I always liked Punky Brewster way better."


Bialik gave as good as she got, declaring, "I'm here to win this, so I hope that you hear me / You're a tiny star, I'm the Big Bang Theory!" Later, she reminded him of her early role in Beaches, rapping, "You're a little annoying / I was a little Bette Midler." Even Nayyar had to admit that was a good one.

And, of course, no rap battle between Big Bang Theory stars would be complete without at least one declaration of Sheldon Cooper's famous catchphrase, "Bazinga!" We'll let you guess which of the two stars busted it out — with the middle to go with it. 

Find out which star was declared the winner in the video below:


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