The MVP Of Super Bowl Weekend Doesn't Play For The Broncos Or Panthers

Time to get in formation.

Ahead of Sunday's Super Bowl, we at A Plus were super-excited for the halftime show. After all, Coldplay is a fantastic collective of musicians, and the fact that Bruno Mars was rumored to perform and Beyoncé was confirmed to appear during BEY-NGO board?)

As if performing at the Super Bowl wasn't enough for Bey, she's managed to dominate the Internet during the weekend and on a day that would normally be relegated to talking touchdowns and rushing yards. Here's how she did it.


1. She dropped her new song and video, "Formation (Dirty)."

On Saturday, Billboard reports that Bey posted the music video to a new song called "Formation (Dirty)." In a track described by Huffington Post's Black Voices as "unapologetically Black," Bey makes references to issues that have hit the Black community particularly hard over the last decade or so, and beyond. 

Bey is seen sitting on top a New Orleans police car that's surrounded by water (a nod to Hurricane Katrina), while later on a young boy in a hoodie dances in front of a group of police officers (a reference to the shooting of Trayvon Martin, among other Black teens and young men killed after altercations with cops). Other visuals feature a wall tagged with the words "stop shooting us," a newspaper covered by Martin Luther King Jr.'s image, and plantation scenery that calls to mind slavery. 

It's an interesting blend of history and "'hood scripture," when taking into consideration the lyrics, but the jaunt through time is both entertaining and thought-provoking.

Check out the video below, but be prepared for some NSFW language:

2. After being mentioned in "Formation," Red Lobster gives Beyoncé a shout-out.

Inside "Formation's" lyrics is the line, "When he f**k me good I take his a** to Red Lobster." Not one to miss out on an opportunity, the seafood chain sent the following tweet:

The parody of the brand's Cheddar Bay Biscuits was mostly slammed on social media, but let's be honest: oftentimes, bad publicity is good publicity, and the move kept both in the headlines throughout the weekend. (Plus, the biscuits are far, far too tasty.)

3. She kinda stole the show during halftime.

Though Coldplay was the headlining act during the Super Bowl Halftime Show, it had been confirmed that Beyoncé would assist the band and it was long rumored that 2014 headliner Bruno Mars would also lend his sound to the show.

And thank heaven they did! Though Coldplay did a great job getting the crowd involved, it didn't take long for viewers to focus in on Bruno and his band, The Hooligans: 


... before directing their attention to Queen Bey and her entourage. Not even a stumble could keep her down! 

New York Magazine

While her dancers' tribute to the Black Panthers raised a few eyebrows, more were focused on the movement and the music. Check out the full performance below:

4. Oh ... she paid tribute to Michael Jackson.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but should you need clarity, MJ's sister La Toya sums it up nicely.

5. She's hitting the road for the Formation Tour.

Shortly after rocking Levi's Stadium, it was revealed that Bey will start her 40-city Formation Tour in April. According to Billboard, her last two outings — the Mrs. Carter World Tour and the joint On the Run Tour with Jay Z  — grossed $212 million and $96 million, respectively. 

It's probably a fair bet that fans are already saving their pennies to get a seat. But part of the ticket price will go toward helping those affected by the Flint water crisis, so there's an added benefit beyond just seeing Bey.

Meanwhile, she seems to be taking in her big weekend with those who matter most.


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