What Else Has 'Between's' Jennette McCurdy Starred In? Nickelodeon Fans Will Know.

Her new show is a bit different from what she's done before.

Jennette McCurdy was just two years old when she booked her first television gig, on "MAD TV," but the now 22-year-old hasn't slowed down. If you're a fan of Nickelodeon at all, you've definitely seen her before: She started working with the network back in 2005, and since then has appeared in 10 different Nickelodeon shows and movies. Now, she's making the leap to a whole new level of stardom, because Netflix is airing Jennette McCurdy's new show, "Between," starting May 21.

The show is a new venture for Netflix as well, as it will be the first on the site to release episodes once a week like a standard TV schedule, rather than all in one go. No binging here — but that will only build anticipation for what is bound to be an intriguing story. The show takes place in Pretty Lake, a perfectly ordinary town where, suddenly, everyone over the age of 21 starts mysteriously dying off. 

Before diving into "Between," first check out where you've seen Jennette McCurdy before: 



For her first major TV role, McCurdy played Carly's best friend Sam. and also Sam's twin sister, Melanie, who occasionally appeared on the show as well. Sam is the opposite of Carly: A bad girl who frequently gets into trouble, until Carly straightens her out.

"Sam & Cat"

McCurdy was a supporting player on "iCarly," but she took center stage on the spin-off "Sam & Cat." She starred alongside Arianna Grande, who played Cat before her music career blew up. Sam's physical comedy was a highlight of the show.

Her music career:

Even if you're not a big TV watcher, you might have caught McCurdy in another medium. The multi-talented performer also put out a country album a few years ago. There's no word if her "Between" character, Wiley, will sing, but it would be silly not to feature that talent at some point.

Check out McCurdy talking about her role in "Between," and catch the first episode premiering May 21 on Netflix.

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