Betty White's Secret To Lifelong Love Will Melt Your Heart And Inspire You, Too

Plus, wait until you see her poker face.

At the youthful age of 95, Betty White is sharing some important life knowledge with us — and it would be silly not to take it all in. During a recent appearance on James Corden's The Late Late Show, the legendary actress was asked about the secret to "a long and loving relationship."

In other words: Get ready to take notes, everyone.

"Marry Allen Ludden," the former Golden Girls star said succinctly, eliciting an "aww" from Corden and fellow guests Ben McKenzie (from Gotham and The O.C.) and Amy Brenneman (from Transparent). "God bless him, he kept the romance going all the time. I always felt that I was special to him. It does lift a girl's morale a lot. We had just a great rapport."

Ludden was White's third husband (she was his second wife) and they were married from June 1963 until June 1981, when Ludden died from stomach cancer. While they had no children together, White was stepmother to Ludden's three children since their mom had passed away in 1961.

"Once you've had the best, who needs the rest?" she famously told the Daily Mail a few years back about why she never remarried.

Check out the full clip — as well as some funny stories from McKenzie and Brenneman about their own love lives — here:


Elsewhere on the show, White was asked about the regular poker games she takes part in. Corden really wanted to be invited — much like we all would love to — and backed that up by saying he's "the sort of person you should invite," because he doesn't know how to play poker but thinks he can in his head.

White, upon hearing that self-evaluation from Corden, dubbed him the "best kind" of person to invite.

"Oh, we have fun. It's the same group of friends; we've played for years," the former Hot in Cleveland star said. "And we don't play for a lot of money — in fact, we don't play for any money — but we play for blood. Absolutely. It's serious business."

Here's that clip:

The real takeaway from it, though, was when Corden asked white to give him her best poker face. In short, White's is better than we could ever aspire to achieve. 

See for yourself:

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If this adorable interview is any indication, we need White to appear on talk shows every single night so we can soak up all the hilarity this legendary woman has to offer.


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