Watch This Creative Fourth-Grade Teacher Use Music To Empower Her Students Every Morning

"They are so excited and just ready to start their day after singing that song."


Many adults remember a teacher who changed their lives and empowered them to become the best version of themselves. 

For one lucky class of fourth graders at Somerset Academy in Henderson, Nevada, that teacher is Ms. Humphrey.

Every morning, Bethany Humphrey energizes her students by singing an educational version of a popular hit song with them. "We start our morning off with that song," Humphrey told A Plus. "They are so excited and just ready to start their day after singing that song." 

While Humphrey's been incorporating educational versions of popular hit songs into her classes for years, she recently made headlines with her class's upbeat and positive rendition of "Juju On That Beat." 

Seeing how popular the song was among her students, Humphrey was inspired to "change the lyrics for educational purposes."

Aside from the "Juju On That Beat" morning song, Humphrey has adapted other Hot 100 pop songs, like Bruno Mars' "24K Magic," to teach her students multiplication strategy. "They are remembering concepts so much better, and they're learning it at a faster rate," Humphrey explained. "It's just helping them retain that knowledge and really be engaged in the content, so they're learning it faster and deeper." 

According to Humphrey, her students' parents love the songs just as much as they do. They're certainly not the only ones.

Since posting the video to YouTube on November 15, she's received nearly 150,000 views and "hundreds of thousands" of positive messages.

"I have parents of kids contacting me, asking how they can help their kid at home," Humphrey explained. She encourages them, as well as other educators, to connect to their kids by immersing themselves in the kids' environment and asking them about their interests and lessons. "If you're passionate about it, they will also be passionate about it," she said. "Then, they're going to thrive." 


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