These Longtime Friends Moved Next Door To Each Other, And We're Jealous.

And ever and ever.

Eight friends decided to kick their 20-year-long friendship up a notch, and move in together.


But not into one big, ordinary house — no — these four couples built vacation houses next to each other on land people are now appropriately nicknaming "Bestie Row." With this arrangement, the group gets to hang out all the time.

The tiny houses, built near Llano River in Texas by architect Matt Garcia, are each about 350 square feet with a bedroom, living room and bathroom, according to There's also a 1,500 square foot cabin with a communal area for entertaining.

Additionally, the houses are very environmentally friendly. 

According to Garden and Gun, the cabins collect rainwater into cisterns, and the cabins are insulated to boost energy efficiency, which keeps the space cool.

"This is a magical place, but it's arid," resident Fred Zipp tells Garden and Gun. "We're doing what we can to reserve as much water as possible for the native trees and grasses. Fortunately, they're beautiful."

Quite frankly, we're jealous of this little setup they've got going.

(H/T: Mic)


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