14 Of The Most Kind, Generous, And Original Tips Ever Left For People

Who could resist a five dollar Bill Murray?

1. Left for a chef by the President of the United Arab Emirates.


2. Left for a pregnant server.

3. From the graveyard shift at Waffle House.

4. 2000-year-old tip received by a mover.

Here's the story from Reddit user bobbyfbrown:

"I work for a moving company and we're packing archives of this former professor who was a flag expert. His son gave us these today as a way of saying thanks for being careful with his father's collection. He told us they were only worth like $50-$100."

This. Is. Awesome.

5. "Five dollar Bill Murray" left as a tip.

Would have been even cooler if it had been left by Bill Murray.

6. Note left with a $20 tip. So sweet.

Reddit user LDuffey4:

"I work as a waiter, and an elderly lady came in today alone, left me a 20 dollar tip, and this note. Faith in humanity restored."

7. Tip + spaceman = great tip.

8. Throwback tip.

From someone who remembers the silver standard. Very cool.

9. Tip from Babe Ruth.

10. Left $40 on a $7 check.

From Imgur user marissababyox:

"Told a customer I was having a bad day. He left me a $40 tip, his check couldn't have been more than $7. I was so touched I cried. I only wish I could have thanked him, it meant so much to me."

11. Left by "Game of Thrones" author George R.R. Martin.

12. This tip is evidence... Of generosity, we hope.

13. Easter tip.

14. Kindness of strangers.

You never really know what kind of day a server's been having, but chances are it's a lot like yours: full of ups and downs and little agonies, fears, and anxieties.

A little kindness goes a long way. 


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