11 People Reveal Things Therapists Told Them That Changed Their Outlook On Life

They could change your perspective, too.

It can be surprising what resonates with us. The way something is phrased can completely change our perspective — even if we've heard a similar concept in a different way before. But when it truly hits home, the impact can be incredible. In a thread on the Ask Reddit subreddit, a person asked Redditors who were in therapy, "What is one thing that a therapist has told you that changed your view on life?"

These are the things 11 people heard from therapists that made them change their perspectives. Hearing them might have an impact on you as well.


1. The person who realized self-care should be a top priority.

2. The Redditor who got a boost of confidence from their therapist.

3. The person who realized they cannot be held responsible for other's feelings.

4. The person who discovered the benefit of using "however" in a positive context.

5. The Redditor who realized forgiveness isn't a must.

6. The Redditor who saw how changing their words made such a difference.

7. The person who realized that there are different types of people.

8. The Redditor who had a therapist who helped them make an important distinction.

9. The Redditor who realized a good goal to have is to simply do better than the day before.

10. The person who opened up to see beyond their problems.

11. The person who discovered the benefit of removing "should" from their vocabulary.

Cover Image: GaudiLab / Shutterstock.com


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