Newlyweds Surprised At Wedding When Best Man Doesn't Give A Speech

If all wedding speeches were like his, they'd be way more fun.

Let's be honest, although speeches at weddings have their sweet moments, we're looking at our watches wondering when the partying will begin.


We've all been there. We sit through the marriage ceremony, the photo session and finally get seated for the wedding feast. But wait, there's a few speeches first. Ugh, right?

What if the speech was something really different and fun? This guy decided to surprise his brother and new wife with a unique best man speech. In fact, it wasn't really a speech at all. 

The best man mashed six pop songs together to make one new one. He sang the song in place of his speech.

Keep an ear out for Sam Smith, "The Lion King" theme song, Train, R. Kelly, The Backstreet Boys and The Police. 

Not only did it evoke an emotional response from the grateful newlyweds, but we're pretty sure the crowd appreciated him changing up the typical "best man speech" into something fresh and fun. 

Hear his mashup and watch his brother's reaction.

What a great idea. Spread it out there and hopefully you'll get to experience it at the next wedding you attend. 


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