These Best Friends-Turned-Fitness Bloggers Prove Teamwork Really Does Make The Dream Work

"It sounds cheesy, but it feels like fate that we came together as we did and when we did."


Some friends work together. Others work out together. Jennipher Walters, Erin Whitehead, and Kristen Seymour — the creators of the popular exercise blog Fit Bottomed Girls — are lucky enough to do both. After Walters and Whitehead met while working for a magazine publishing company in the Kansas City area, they quickly became carpool and kettlebell buddies. Their close friendship evolved over the years until Whitehead moved out of state in 2008. 

To stay connected, the duo founded a fitness blog, combining their love of exercise, writing, and each other. "It's kept us connected even though we live states apart, and it's been a support system for all three of us," Walters told A Plus via email. "I don't know how many times we've been on the phone to talk business or editorial stuff, and then all of a sudden we're cracking up about a cat video or crying over a shared experience or encouraging one another to do something new like a race or an exercise class."

Focused on appealing to real women, the FBGs based their blog on simple tips, easy-to-follow workouts, and honest reviews — all delivered with their signature inclusive and fun-loving attitude. Their blog became "a means to truly let women know that they were more than the number on the scale and that being healthy didn't have to mean deprivation and dieting." They also didn't shy away from drawing on their personal exercise and healthy eating endeavors, as well as offering up workout music suggestions so their readers could relate to them on their fitness journeys, and, of course, join in themselves. "Fit bottoms come in all shapes and sizes and ages and colors," Walters added. 

A few years later, Walters met Seymour at — where else? — a fitness event. "Kristen and I immediately hit it off," Walters said. "We just naturally had a lot in common ... It sounds cheesy, but it feels like fate that we came together as we did and when we did." Then an editor at an AOL fitness blog, Seymour kept in touch with Walters and eventually became a regular contributor to Fit Bottomed Girls before becoming an official business partner in 2015. "As the years went on, she took on more and more responsibility until Erin and I knew that she had to become a business partner. Like, had to," she added. 

Because they live all over the U.S., Seymour told the publication, "I don't think that the three of us would've become the kind of friends we are if it weren't for us growing and running a business together. They aren't just co-workers who I happen to like — they're the ones I go to when I need support in the non-FBG parts of my life, too." 

Today, the Fit Bottomed Girls continue to move on up. Aside from their original blog, they've expanded over the years to include Fit Bottomed Mamas, Fit Bottomed Eats, and a print book, The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-DietMost recently, in April 2016, the trio launched Fit Bottomed Zen, bringing "a Fit-Bottomed approach to mindful and whole-heart living." While Walters and Seymour agree fitness would still be a personal priority even if it weren't their professional business, creating and developing FBG has helped them take their individual health stories to a wide audience. "If I didn't have a place like FBG to write about my experiences, I think it would be easy to categorize some of my fitness adventures as failures," Seymour said. "Because I have this amazing outlet and community, when things don't go quite as planned ... I still find the story in the adventure, and that brings me so much joy (and I hope it gives our readers a laugh and some inspiration, too)!"

The next step for the blog, however, will be a pas de deux. "We're embarking on a new chapter of our friendship and relationship because Erin is officially exiting FBG," Walters said. "We know she'll still write from time and time, and be around for questions, but ... it kind of is the end of an era." Still, she says they wouldn't be Fit Bottomed Girls if they didn't encourage each other to go after their dreams. Walters has no doubt that she, Seymour, and Whitehead "will continue to be the best of friends" — just with fewer business-related conversations.


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