Best Friends Pick Out Tattoos For Each Other, And Don't See What They Look Like Until After It's Done

Talk about a friendship test.

Would you get a tattoo without knowing what it is? What if your best friend picked it out for you?

In a risky maneuver, and a big test of friendship, two sets of best friends pick out tattoos for one another. Then, without knowing what they're getting, each participant gets tatted with their friend's design and reacts to the final product on camera.

"Either way, it's going to be a good story, but there is a slight chance that it will be a horrible tattoo," Ashley says in the video, shot for BuzzFeed. 

Her best friend proceeds to design an "impressionistic, minimal" tattoo that he feels resembles a feather or a quill. She then designs a very simplistic tattoo for him that she thinks mimics moving footsteps. 


Meanwhile, the second pair of friends also choose tattoos for each other. One picks out an Audre Lorde quote while the other thinks a diamond will remind her friend that she is indeed a "diamond in the rough."

Once the tattoos are done, the participants get their first looks and — thankfully — they're all happy. 

"There's something nice about having a symbol of friendship that will last forever," one guy says. 

If you're looking to get a tattoo, perhaps try designing one with your best friend. You don't have to get it blindly like the participants in the video, but it could be a great reminder of your lifelong friendship.

Check out the full video below for more:


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