Best Friends Put Each Other On Magazine Covers For The Most Beautiful Reasons

"She's the most beautiful person in the world."

"I can't wait to put her on the cover of a magazine," Allex says, referring to her best friend Della in a video for BuzzFeed. "She's the most beautiful person in the world."

In the video, three sets of best friends put each other on magazine covers designed to showcase one another's beauty, strength, and those special personality traits discovered through their powerful friendships.

"On this magazine cover, I want Della to see how everybody else sees her, which is this colorful, bright, positive ball of energy," Alex adds.

Throughout the video, the friends talk about their admiration for one another, while choosing covers and poses to reflect their best qualities. 

Niki describes her friend, CC, as an extremely powerful woman with the potential to have a huge influence on the world at large.

Thus, she chooses a cover entitled Powerhouse, with a headline reading "The New Definition of BOSS" layered above a stunning, close-up portrait of CC — reminiscent of Time Magazine.  


"The way you see me [here] is the way that I want to be," CC says upon seeing her cover. "And I don't really look at myself that way, so it makes me feel really happy and empowered and like I can be that person — and you see that in me."

Meanwhile, Quinta wants to highlight her best friend Kate's uniqueness on her cover, seeing as she thinks Kate is unlike anyone else in the world. In fact, Quinta sees Kate as a movie-like character people try to emulate but, inevitably, fall short.

Thus, Quinta puts Kate on a magazine entitled Buzz, with headlines "Loving Her Quirk" and "Can't Be Replicated."

The touching video is a beautiful testament of these women's friendships and, perhaps, a crafty way we can show our friends how much we appreciate them, too. 

Be sure to watch the full video below for more:


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