Besties Spend 24 Hours Handcuffed, Discover Things They Never Knew About Each Other

"The parts of you that I don't see every day, that doesn't mean they're not there."

What would happen if you handcuffed yourself to your best friend for the day?

In a video for BuzzFeed, two best friends, Jen and Steven, are handcuffed to each other for 24 hours to "see a new side to each other."  

"I think we're going to come out of this with like a deeper appreciation for each other," says Jen.

With that, the pair embarks on a 24-hour journey together, going to get food and coffee in public, hanging out with Jen's college friends, FaceTiming Steven's girlfriend, and going to church, among other activities. 


It seems Steven learns the most about his relationship with Jen after taking her to his church. 

"The fact that I forced you to come to church with me made it a lot easier for me to invite somebody into my space," Steven says. "But now I'm like ... why don't I bring my friends to places where I hang out? I think we're better friends because of it, actually."

And at the end of the experiment, Jen concludes that it actually forced them to plan fun things to do together, helping them to really enjoy each other's company. 

"The parts of you that I don't see every day, that doesn't mean they're not there," Jen tells Steven. "We just took our friendship and we were like 'hey, you're going to see all the other parts of my world."

And while it may be unrealistic for most of us to actually be handcuffed to our friends, we could still take the opportunity to follow them around for a day, and get to know them for who they really are outside of our immediate friendships.

Whether this teaches us something about our friends or simply provides a new perspective on the way someone else lives, it can be a beneficial eye-opening exercise worth trying. 

Check out more from Steven and Jen in the full video below:


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