This Video Proves If You Wouldn't Talk To A Friend The Way You Talk To Yourself, It's Time To Change Your Inner Monologue

"When you smile, your face looks like a fat middle schooler."


It's all too common to struggle with body image. We could all have more of this or less of that, but, for some people, negative inward thoughts can bring regular pain to their everyday lives. 

Best friends Alyssa, an actress who struggles with anorexia, and Tiffany, a producer who struggles with her body image, showed what some of these terrible thoughts can look like in a new video for The Scene titled "Best Friends Get Brutally Honest About Their Bodies." 

In the video, both women meet at a studio to bravely write down some of the things they dislike about their own looks. Then, they read the comments aloud as if they were actually directed toward each other. Knowing just how harsh the words would sound, both women said "I love you" before starting.

"When you smile, your face looks like a fat middle schooler," Alyssa said. "Everyone is skinnier and prettier than you."

"People behind you are staring at the way your fat hangs over your bra," Tiffany uttered while wiping away tears.

"You look so ugly in pictures that I can't even look at them anymore," Alyssa said. "You will be more successful if you lost 15 pounds."

"You should never get pregnant because your nose is going to spread across your face," Tiffany said. "He would've never cheated if you were skinnier."

How would you feel if your best friend said these sentences to you? Undoubtably pretty damn awful. So why do we say or think them to ourselves? 

One week later, both women reconvene at the studio after watching the video. "Wow. I am hurting myself so much all of the time," Alyssa said. 

The video ends with a sentiment we should all heed: "Be a best friend to yourself."


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