We Asked People To Share What True Friendship Means To Them. Here's What They Said.


Fellows, confidants, partners in crime — there are many ways to name those incredible people accompanying you in your journey through life. 

In the name of the National Best Friends Day, we decided to do a little snooping and find out how people describe what true friendship means to them and what they do to make it work. Check out some of our favorite answers below.


"Sitting quietly, understanding everything and doing absolutely nothing. Making looks, catching hints, and taking care of one another."

"Friendship is being able to be as crazy as can be and not worry about what your friend thinks about you."

"True friendship to me means not letting thousands of miles separate us or dim our memories. My best friend rocks because even though we live on two different continents, she's still there for me whenever I need her."

"It means unconditional love! It means Family! 21 years in the making and there isn't enough room on IG to even start to show the journey I've been through with this awesome lady."

"The most thoughtful, supportive and beautiful partners in love, crime and everything in between, you have given me a more wonderful life since +/-6th grade. LOVE YOU."

"What true friendship means to me is that you are there for each other and support each other. Even though fights may occur, you should always be able to make up and feel a stronger friendship."

Share what true friendship means to you and be sure to call your bestie if you haven't done it yet!


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