To Up Your Flirtation Game, You Might Want To Try Using These Emojis


To emoji or not to emoji — that is the question for many singletons as they craft the perfect opening message on a dating app.


According to new findings from dating app Clover, you may want to answer that question with a 👍 , a 🙌 , or even a 💯. 

In a recent analysis of emojis used by Clover's three million customers, the company learned which emojis generate the most (and least) replies when used in an opening message. While only 10 percent of conversations start with an emoji-laden message, both women and men reply more often (five and eight percent, respectively) to these kinds of opening lines. That might not seem like a lot percentage-wise, but as any single person will tell you: dating is a numbers game, and every little bit counts. 

Of course, multiple elements of communication are key in every romantic relationship, but sometimes, it's not what you say — but what you emoji — that matters. These four emojis received the greatest response from women: 💁,😋,😛, 😏 . While men replied to these top four: 😏 ,😜,😂, 😅. Clover believes these emojis are the most effective because they open the door for humor, innuendo, and flirtatious banter. 

Maybe save the eggplant emoji for after you're n a relationship. 

So, the next time you're thinking of whispering sweet nothings into your love interest's ears, you might want to try typing some of these instead:


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