15 People Reveal The One Nice Thing Said About Them That Just Stuck

#10 is so sweet.

Not all of us are great at taking a compliment, especially if we're the least bit self-critical. Still, whether we can take them or not, compliments tend to resonate with us, raising our self-esteem, and making our day brighter. But the ones that really stick aren't the generic run-of-the-mill "you have nice eyes" ones. 

They are personal, get into who we really are at the core, and highlight a part of us even we may not have noticed. Such compliments have the power to stay with us all our lives. A few Redditors have shared the rare compliments that really stuck out to them for being particularly meaningful. Seeing them reminds us to take a moment to appreciate ourselves, and those around us. 


1. The teacher who received a compliment from a former student.

2. The partner whose girlfriend gave him a massive compliment.

3. The man who was complimented by a young boy.

4. The person who appreciated a comment on their calm demeanor.

5. The person who was proud to be like his grandfather.

6. The ER worker who remembered a stranger's comment.

7. The mama-to-be whose husband makes her feel like a superhero.

8. The friend who received a sweet compliment thanks to a buddy's dog.

9. The person that still smiles about a compliment about their optimism.

10. The Reddit user who appreciated the sentiment from an acquaintance.

11. The best friend who received a heartfelt compliment and a great surprise.

12. The person whose eyes were complimented in a special way.

13. The future teacher who received validation for their career choice.

14. The student who received a compliment from their teacher.

15. The Redditor whose authenticity was appreciated.

Cover photo by Tero Vesalainen / Shutterstock.com


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