27 Of The Best Celebrity Costumes To Get You In The Halloween Spirit

Or if you need some last-minute inspiration.

Dressing up as our favorite creatures and characters on Halloween can be a blast, especially when our friends and family (or even our pets) join in. But for many of us, half the fun of the night comes from seeing what other people are wearing — and that includes scrolling through celebrity Instagrams.

We love it when stars get decked out for the year's spookiest holiday, whether they're matching with their significant other and kids, or just going solo with their own unique look. And when they dress up as another celebrity, it's twice as delightful.


If you're looking for some last-minute inspiration for the big night, or just in the mood to marvel at some amazing costumes, we've rounded up some of the best celebrity Halloween costumes from recent years. A few of the stars who made the list, such as Neil Patrick Harris and Heidi Klum, are known for going all out every year. Others just happen to have blown us away with their creativity.

We've even included a few fabulous costumes from the 2017 season because the early bird gets the worm — or in this case, the spot on the best-dressed list.

Check out some of our favorites celebrity Halloween costumes below:

1. Heidi Klum as Jessica Rabbit, 2015

2. Beyoncé and Blue Ivy as Janet and Michael Jackson, 2014

3. Ariana Grande and Mac Miller as "Moonrise Kingdom" characters, 2016

4. Miranda Lambert as Rosie the Riveter, 2014

5. Neil Patrick Harris and family as "Star Wars" characters, 2015

6. Lauren Conrad as Cruella de Vil, 2017

7. Liv Tyler as a Bun in the Oven, 2014

8. Ellen DeGeneres as Sia, 2016

9. Cole Sprouse as Milo Thatch from "Atlantis," 2015

10. Adele as "The Mask," 2016

11. Allison Williams as Belle, 2015

12. Katy Perry as Hillary Clinton, 2016

13. Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel as Trolls, 2016

14. Bettle Midler as her "Hocus Pocus" character Winnie Sanderson, 2016

15. Mindy Kaling as Tom Hanks in "Sully," 2016

16. Nick and Vanessa Lachey and kids as "Frozen" characters, 2016

17. Joe Jonas as Derek Zoolander, 2014

18. Kylie Jenner as Christina Aguilera, 2016

19. Ciara and Russell Wilson as Catwoman and Batman, 2015

20. Chrissy Teigen as Guy Fieri, 2015

21. Kelly Rowland as Dionne from "Clueless," 2016

22. Halle Berry as a skeleton, 2016

23. Khloé Kardashian as Storm, 2016

24. Candace Cameron Bure as Tinker Bell, 2016

25. The Rock as Popeye, 2015

26. America Ferrera as Selena, on "Superstore," 2017

27. Aziz Ansari as The Weeknd, 2015


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