17 Times Celebrity Dads Won The Holidays On Instagram

A picture is worth a thousand words.

For a lot of us, the best memories of our dads can be relived between the covers of a photo album. Family traditions and unforgettable milestones last forever through the lens of a camera. Even moments you've forgotten about (like that one ridiculous costume your dad wore or the time he styled your hair) can be brought back to life when we see a photograph.

Thanks to social media, we can now easily share those special snapshots with our friends and acquaintances — and, if we happen to be famous, with our fans. Instagram is like a 21st century scrapbook, ideal for more than just selfies and mouth-watering images of our dinners. Modern dads can now document their amazing family journey in real time, from first moments in the delivery room to opening presents under the tree. Not to mention how many more photos a cellphone can hold compared to a wallet.

With the festive season now in full swing, we rounded up some memorable Instagram moments shared by our favorite celebrity dads for the holidays, from New Year's to Christmas and everything in between.


1. Jimmy Fallon started a delicious tradition with his favorite ladies.

2. His Thanksgiving outfit for daughter Winnie was no turkey.

3. It must be a late-night thing, because Seth Meyers got in on the fun this year.

4. Justin Timberlake sneaked a little self-promotion into his Halloween costume.

5. It's hard to spot Donnell Rawlings against this very impressive tree.

6. The Rock's Halloween silliness was best documented on video.

7. As was his Christmas serenade.

8. Birthdays are holidays, too, as proven by Chris Hemsworth.

9. Kevin Hart knows that pets are part of the family.

10. "Frozen" star Josh Gad spent some quality time with his girls on Christmas Eve.

11. And for Halloween, they had some absolutely magical costumes.

12. DJ Skribble obviously had a lot of fun decorating for Christmas.

13. He even let his daughter open a little something early.

14. Chris Pratt and his family had a wholesome Thanksgiving.

15. Even David Beckham embarrasses his son for the holidays.

16. Neil Patrick Harris and his family go all out for every holiday.

17. We can't wait to see what they have planned for next year.


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