5 Tips For Newlyweds Who Know Marriage Can Be Rough

Together, you can weather any storm. All you need is a little laughter and a lot of love.

Married couples are the first to acknowledge that commitment requires constant care and attention. When doling out the best advice for newlyweds, each couple has their own cautionary tale, but those who've made it through the tough times will agree that the outcome was worth the struggle. From financial advice for newlyweds, to relationship advice for newlyweds, the recommendations are endless. But, when it comes to general marriage advice for newlyweds, there's no doubt that throwing in a dash of humor can soften the blow when the hard times hit. Here's some advice for newlyweds that might diffuse the tension when stress begins to build:


1. Let your partner vent their frustrations (even if they sound like a broken record).

Listening to someone rant about their pet peeves can be tedious at times, but as that ring indicates, you married your spouse for better or for worse. Admittedly, the situation could be worse (and at some point, it probably will be), but this will certainly seem like a chore at times. Deal with it. Eventually you'll want them to return the favor and listen to you with open ears, too.

2. Don't worry about your appearance too much. Growing old together is just part of the journey.

No matter how much time you spend in front of the mirror, you won't be able to retain your youthful glow forever. You don't want to neglect your hygiene because you've already hooked your spouse, of course, but you don't want to fixate on your appearance because you're afraid they'll lose interest as you age, either. SPOILER ALERT! They're going to get old, too. But growing old together is just a beautiful part of your journey together, and may just be the best part of your relationship. 

3. Embrace your bodily functions because — surprise! — you're both human.

Burps and farts are inherently gross, but they're an unavoidable part of life. Sure, you might've spent your entire courtship trying to conceal the fact that your body functions normally — as the book says, everybody poops — but you might as well get used to the fact that neither of you can smell as fresh as a daisy 24/7. That's why they invented air freshener and scented candles.

4. Leave your "work" work at work because there's plenty of housework waiting at home.

"Work" work might offer an ideal distraction from the responsibilities you now face at home, but ignoring your household duties might eventually cause a rift between you and your spouse. After all, no one said cleaning the house couldn't be fun! Divide the tasks equally and race one another to the finish line. Loser takes the winner out for dinner.

5. Put yourself in your spouse's shoes when your stress levels reach the breaking point.

Whenever you feel like you're about to bite each other's head off, put yourself in your spouse's shoes — literally. Neither of you will be able to walk properly. There's no doubt that your silly strut will inevitably break the tension. Plus, high heels will instill an added level of empathy that could very well sustain your marriage for years to come.

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