Bernie Sanders: Presidential Candidate, Democratic Socialist, Ultimate Wingman?

This couple was definitely #FeelingTheBern.

In a race dominated by deeply divisive rhetoric, much of this presidential election so far has brought out some of worst in people. But amid the fear-mongering and partisan politics, a tender moment took place in Bernie Sanders' campaign on Sunday night.

Hector Sigala, the Sanders' campaign's social media director, announced his engagement to girlfriend Kimberley Riofrio on Twitter, noting that he pulled it off with the help of the Democratic presidential candidate. 


Sigala told BuzzFeed that he proposed using a video of Sanders. In the video, the Vermont senator first starts talking about how his campaign has defied expectations, then proceeds to call out Sigala's now-fiancée by name. 

"Hey, Rio! Hector has a question for you. He's a good guy, why don't you help him out?" Sanders says, before Sigala proposes to Riofrio off-camera.

Twitter users absolutely loved the stunt and congratulatory notes poured in from all over. Clearly, Sanders' strong social media presence was definitely in his favor; Twitter was feeling the Bern pretty hard.

Sigala later tweeted, "Bernie was my last wingman." 

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