Every American Should Read What Bernice King Just Tweeted

"Somebody has to cut off the cycle of hate."

In a time when politics can make the country seem more like factions divided against each other than a united people, a call to end the cycle of name-calling and finger-pointing came in the form of a viral Twitter thread from activist Bernice King. The CEO of the King Center and daughter of civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. is no stranger to effectively navigating the social media site and made headlines last September for the classy way she responded to a misinformed comment about her father's beliefs.   Her posts this weekend carried the same poise and wisdom that users have come to expect from King.


"Somebody has to cut off the cycle of hate," King wrote. "If we diminish people because they diminish people, then we are contributing to a dangerous spiral."

King continued, echoing similar beliefs in the power of non-violent protests that were the hallmark of her father's mission.  

"Responding 'higher' is hard. I struggle with it every day. I've learned from my parents, from the cycles of hate and violence I see in the world, and from my own errors that peace can only be achieved through peaceful means. But remember: True peace includes justice."

King ended her four-post thread by posting an important question: Hatred is a sickness. "If I know that and I experience and witness the destruction that sickness causes, then why would I open myself up to be infected with that sickness, too?"

Read the posts from King in full below.

Cover photo: Shutterstock / Joseph Sohm


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