Photographer Chases Terrifying Storms To Make You Think About One Important Issue

Just think about it for a second.

Meet Ben Von Wong, a photographer whose work takes the catchphrase "challenge accepted" to a whole new level.


After shooting 30 meters underwater, on the edge of a skyscraper, and even in the middle of a fire rink, Von Wong has been recently offered a project that sounded more like mission impossible:

"Can you imagine how complicated it would be to plan a shoot whilst chasing a storm?"

You mean coordinating the photo shoot without even knowing where it would eventually take place and having to work under the influence of the uncontrollable force of nature? Hell yeah, it would!

But those who don't risk never get to drink champagne, do they?

With that thought in mind, Benjamin assembled a team of professionals, packed his gear, and set out on a surreal storm-chasing adventure.

With an experienced environmental photographer Kelly DeLay behind his back, Von Wong dived right into his unattainable project.

There were no guarantees. Von Wong was told he would have no control over the places they go and he'd only get 10-15 minutes to snap each shot.

Von Wong's team reached out to their friends and fans across seven different states to ask for help in case a storm develops close to them and that's where they ended up shooting.

Ryan Zimmerman, a photographer from Colorado, volunteered to drive his ambulance, and so it became clear — the impossible was about to happen.

According to Benjamin, it would usually take about eight hours of storm chasing per day to snag a shot like this:

Ben says he was totally startled by the untameable force of nature.

But there was something else that he realized ...

"It is almost impossible to look at the plethora of different crises that affect our world today without feeling overwhelmingly depressed and powerless," Von Wong wrote on his blog.

So naturally, he did what many people do — shied away from negative news thinking that one person can't really make an impact, and secretly hoped that someone more qualified would come along and "fix" things.

However, just by doing some research before his photography project, Von Wong says he came across documentaries such as Cowspiracy, which taught him a great deal about climate change and the impact mass consumerism has on our planet.

"Despite not having the answer, I have made the decision to try — starting with this project," he says.

"Regardless of how powerless I may feel, I want to put myself out there and try my best to make a positive difference in the world with the imagery I create," Ben explains about his goal.

Thus, all the photos from his shoot invite people to find a moment and think about the footprint they're going to leave on the world.

Check out this video below to learn more about Benjamin Von Wong's project:


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