This Fashion Campaign Uses Photoshop For A Reason We Can Actually Support

"A collection of us."

The United Colors Of Benetton, an international fashion brand with an "Italian soul," just took their name to a whole new level.

The brand's latest collection, Carnival, features a campaign entitled "A Collection of Us: The Face Of The City," that uses Photoshop to create a model representative of multiple ethnicities living in one city, from Milan, London, Tokyo, New York, and beyond.

"For the 'Face of the City' campaign, United Colors of Benetton took photos of a group of women who collectively represented the ethnic and cultural make-up of each city," it says in the campaign's video description on YouTube. "Each face was then combined using a complex algorithm, capable of equally integrating all groups in a way that each ethnicity is proportionally represented via skin color, eyes and nose structure, type and color of hair and face shape."

Moreover, the Carnival collection features "color in all its shades and expertise in knitwear technology that makes it possible to unite different shades in a single piece," according to Benetton's website.


"The models wearing our new collection do not exist," the campaign video begins. "They are combinations of all the ethnicities living in today's cities."

Rather than feature one model of a particular ethnicity to represent an entire city of people, this brilliant campaign is an inclusive, refreshing take on the fashion industry and a step towards its diversification.

Be sure to check out the full video below:


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