Benedict Cumberbatch Impersonated Otters And His Performance Was Otterly Impressive


It's always interesting to know what further steps our favorite celebs are taking in their career. Is it a super-secret movie they're working on? Maybe a memoir? Or producing a new game-changing music album?

For those wondering what beloved English actor Benedict Cumberbatch is up to these days, we have a treat.

It looks like Mr. Cumberbatch was not only working alongside Johnny Depp on their new movie, Black Mass, but found time to practice an impeccable skill — otter impersonations.

During his latest visit at The Graham Norton Show, Cumberbatch was called out on his alleged resemblance to an otter and, after being shown few examples from around the Web, agreed to do a live impersonation on the set.


Check out the footage of his on-point otter impersonations below:

Anyone would agree that versatility is a super-important trait for an actor. And what's more versatile than becoming an otter in a snap?

You're almost there, B!


So much love!


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