Benedict Cumberbatch Can't Keep A Straight Face During 'Mad Lib Theater' With Jimmy Fallon

"The crime scene has your butt written all over it."

Benedict Cumberbatch recently revealed that his parents (both actors) wanted him to take a different career path. "They wanted me to do something a bit more grown-up, like be a barrister or a doctor or teacher," he said. But after looking into law and realizing it was actually similar to acting in some ways, he decided to "pursue the first dream and roll with the punches."

We're very glad he did, because not only does it mean we get to see him play characters such as Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Strange, but we also get to watch him in "Mad Lib Theater" with Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon.

The game starts off with Benedict and Jimmy filling in the blanks on a game of Mad Libs. But instead of simply reading off the results, they get into costume and act out a dramatic interrogation scene. We can't blame them for breaking character more than once, considering the absurd lines they recite. 

"Then why does security camera footage show you gyrating just a half a millimeter away from the crime scene?" Benedict asks at one point, making both of them laugh.


Watch them deliver every carefully chosen word in the video below:


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