Guy Recreates Body-Baring Photos Of Celebrities To Send Body-Positive Message In This Music Video

"The media teaches us from when we're kids that only certain shapes should have the spotlight."

Actor and singer Ben Yahr stripped down to his skivvies to dance, sing, and send a body-positive message about self-love. 

In his "Shape of You" music video, Yahr recreates body-baring images of celebrities including Justin Bieber's iconic Calvin Klein shoot, Amy Schumer's Pirelli calendar photo, and Adam Levine's nude charity photo that aims to promote awareness for prostate and testicular cancer. 

"Don't wanna walk with my head down low. Don't wanna tuck my chin and hide," Yahr sings in the video, which features music and lyrics by singer-songwriter Ryan Amador. "I want the whole damn world to know that I'm filled with body pride." 


You might recognize Yahr from when he went viral last month for recreating Beyoncé's vibrant pregnancy photos to spread body positivity. He worked on that shoot with photographer Matthew Dean Stewart, who also directed his new "Shape of You" video. 

Yahr was inspired to create the video because of his own struggle with body image. "It's been a long road learning to love myself, and I really want others to not only embrace their bodies, but celebrate them!" he told A Plus. "The media teaches us from when we're kids that only certain shapes should have the spotlight, should be idolized. But I disagree! We're all beautiful and powerful and praise-worthy."

With the help of Amador's song and Stewart's directing, Yahr was able to bring his vision to fruition. He hopes people who see his body next to these celebrities will realize that all bodies are beautiful. "There is no better or worse. What matters is understanding your worth and claiming the applause that you deserve! We're all superstars," he said. 

Yahr has received praise for his body-positive work, and has learned a lot through the course of creating and sharing this project. 

"I've learned that there is a multitude of people that are looking for encouragement like this. People have reached out to say that the video made them feel empowered, which means more than I can say. No one needs permission to show off their bodies. We're all flawed. We're all human," he said. "I've also learned to let the trolls troll! No bold statement like the one I'm making will be positively received by everyone, so I'm just brushing off the haters. Beyoncé, Miley, and Amy are queens ... and so am I!" 

Men are too often left out of the body-positivity movement, but projects like these help to bring awareness to the fact that men could benefit from content that helps them challenge their body insecurities. "Body shaming happens in every community," Yahr said. "There are different ideals that society forces on men and women, but they're just as constricting and devaluing. My message is for everyone! I decide that I'm sexy. I decide that I'm beautiful. No one can decide that for you or take that away from you." 

In addition to the body positive message he hopes to send, Yahr hopes his music video will bring people joy and encourage them to dance. 

"I want to give people of all shapes and sizes the permission, not that they need permission, to let loose and shake it," he said. "Music is universal. I'd love everyone to look past all the made up categories that divide us and celebrate what unites us!" 


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