This School's Note To A Boy With Autism Moved His Mother To Tears

"These tests only measure a little bit of you."

For students, waiting to find out their exam results can be one of the most anxiety-filled periods of the school year. Doubting yourself and not knowing whether you gave the correct answers or not is stressful. 

Ben Twist, a boy with autism from Merseyside, England, ended up failing his exams. However, he received something that is much more special than good grades.


Ben received a letter from his teacher praising all of his qualities that exams can't measure.

The heartfelt letter was enough to move Ben's mom, Gail Twist, to tears. She posted the letter on Twitter after being so touched by it.

Twist told The Daily Mirror, "The letter came as a complete surprise, it was just so wonderful and the most beautiful letter I've ever read. The fact that they'd addressed it to Ben was just so lovely too, he was so surprised and said how 'awesome' it was and couldn't believe they really thought that about him."

Strangers have been just as touched by Mrs. Clarkson's letter as Twist was. Since Twist posted the letter on July 9, it has been retweeted over 3,600 times, and it has received close to 7,000 likes.

People are congratulating Ben, saying what a wonderful teacher Mrs. Clarkson is, and writing how the story brought some joy to their day given recent tragic events in the news.

Getting good grades is something to be proud of, but Mrs. Clarkson's letter shows that it isn't the only way to thrive at school. A positive attitude, kindness, and forming relationships with others are all just as important. Ben already has these qualities and he should be as proud of them as any mark or trophy.

(H/T: BuzzFeed)


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