He Ran 401 Marathons In 401 Days, But He Didn't Do It For The Exercise

He's bringing attention to an issue that too many kids face.


It's not surprising that many people who were bullied channel their experiences into something positive. That's the case for Ben Smith, a British man who just completed his 401st marathon in 401 days.

But it's not the thrill of running that had him pacing himself over 26.2 miles in countries all around the world. The openly gay athlete says he did it all to bring attention to bullying, often speaking at schools about the effects of bullying and how children can combat it.

"The bullying, unfortunately, at school led to me having a nervous breakdown when I was 18 and, unfortunately, I tried to take my own life," Smith says. "I, like many kids who are being bullied, didn't talk about it. It took me a long time to deal with it and I have dealt with it now. Running has been one of those things that has allowed me to express myself in ways that I never would have been able to express myself before. It gives me that sense of freedom. For me, it gives me that opportunity to have my own views and my own objectives in life."

And one objective Smith had was to raise money through his runs for the LGBT-focused Stonewall charity and Kidscape, which specifically works to eliminate bullying. 

Smith's runs have resulted in raising more than $300,000 for his chosen charities.

Check out the video above to learn more about Smith's amazing accomplishment.


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