The Reason This Girl Is Struggling Not To Cry Will Break Your Heart

Down with the pink and blue aisles.

Teenage singer and YouTuber Ben J. Pierce recently released his debut music video, and it's a brilliantly epic takedown of harmful gender stereotypes.

The video features two groups, one of boys and one of girls, each forced into suffocatingly strict gender roles. The boys are dressed in blue jerseys, the girls in pink dresses and heavy lipstick. And then all heck breaks loose.

"Gender roles impose control and deceive progressive times," Pierce sings as the kids advance on those who dare to question their assigned roles. "Welcome to the land of the broken mind."

The video, which ends with the kids uniting and refusing to play society's "little game" anymore, is the defiant anti-archetype anthem all genders sorely need. Watch it below.


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