This Guy May Have Cerebral Palsy, But He'll Still Kick Your Butt

"Win from within."

When Ben Jackson was born, few could have predicted his future as an athletic force.

He was diagnosed with spastic cerebral palsy at a young age, a condition that affects the way messages are transmitted from the brain to the muscles

"Doctors or other people try to tell you what they think his life is going to be," Jackson's mom said in a Gatorade feature. "He might not be able to take care of himself, his limbs might never be strong enough that he could get up and walk."

But doctors and speculators alike would soon be proven wrong. 

"Growing up and not being confident in yourself is a scary time," Jackson said. "I used to go home and cry every night... at some point, I just stopped being the victim of my disability."

Once Jackson had a change of attitude, he began pursuing a career in wrestling at his high school. 


But success didn't fall into his lap. In his first year, he lost 25 consecutive matches.

"I was on my back half the season," Jackson admits. 

So when his second season came, he trained harder. He trained smarter. He trained better.

"I didn't know who my competition was going to be, but I knew they weren't up at 3 a.m. watching wrestling videos," Jackson remembers. 

Eventually, all that hard work paid off: Jackson got his first victory as a ninth grader, in his second season of wrestling, and proved to himself and everyone else that he belonged in the arena of competitive sports.

"When Ben won, I was the proudest dad in the stands," his dad said.

The challenges didn't stop after high school. When Jackson went to college, he felt a bit lost without a wrestling team to compete on. Instead of giving up on his athletic ambitions, he pursued a career in competitive power lifting. 

"My current goal is the 2016 world championships and I want to be number one in the world," Jackson said. 

"What makes me different is not the physical that you can see, but what's inside my heart." 

That spirit and that determination is why Jackson was featured by Gatorade in their "Win From Within" series. 

Check out the video below and be sure to share his inspirational story with your friends.


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