Ben Affleck And Jimmy Fallon Perform Scenes Written By Some Very Creative Kids

"They laugh for a long time."

Ben Affleck stopped by The Tonight Show Thursday night to promote his new movie The Accountant. To mark the occasion, host Jimmy Fallon asked Ben to join him in acting out scenes written by elementary school kids. The show gave the young writers no direction other than the title The Accountant. The resulting scripts are just the sort of delightful weirdness that only kids could come up with.

The first scene features a conversation between a little boy and little girl who won't be limited to just one dream. They become an accountant astronaut and an astronaut accountant, respectively, and they meet in space, where they "laugh for a long time."


The next scene depicts a heartfelt moment between a father and son. The father is too busy doing stock market things to play any sports, but he still has time for a hug. Specifically, a five-second hug with the numbers counted out loud. Ben and Jimmy stay true to the script.

But nothing can compare to the final scene, in which Ben and Jimmy play two accountants who forget their sacred accountant oath and get into an argument over their favorite numbers.

Witness every twist and turn in the video below:


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