How Not To Respond Like An A-Hole When Your Guy Friend Admits A Problem

It takes him a few times before he catches on.

From a young age, boys are taught to be tough and never show vulnerability. That's a "real" man, right?


We're not doing boys any favors by teaching them they can't have feelings. When they grow into men and face personal struggles, they'll hear that voice in the back of their minds, saying "you need a tough upper lip, son,"  and that's really only okay in ironic retro films like "A Christmas Story."

About 40 million Americans (yep, that includes dudes too) struggle with depression or anxiety, but are hiding it because they fear being judged or called crazy.

You know that strong silent type? Well, they might actually be feeling pretty isolated, and don't know who to talk to. You have the power to change that with a simple "You're okay by me."

Here's how to respond like an a-hole when you hear that someone has panic attacks.

And here's how to let everyone know you're from 2015.

If someone has depression or anxiety, that doesn't mean they're "crazy." That means they're sick, and have an illness that needs treatment.

We all know someone who's struggled with mental health issues. Think you're  tough? Well, true strength can mean taking a stand against the stigma and speaking out for those who might not be able to. 


Check out the full video below, and help spread the word.

Original video by Bell Canada as part of their "Bell Let's Talk" anti-stigma campaign for mental health.


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