16 Photos That Prove Sometimes Beer Foam Isn't Just Beer Foam

Beer is magic.

Maybe your eyes are just playing tricks on you, but when your beer foam starts to take the shape of a skull, whale or ghost, you should probably put the drink down. 

Yup, seeing shapes in your beer foam is basically the adult (and more fun) version of staring at clouds. And though the phenomenon of seeing objects that aren't actually there (known as pareidolia) is common, there have been no formal studies about it when it comes to beer. We do know, however, that factors such as temperature and nitrogen determine the amount of foam.

Illusions or not, these make killer bar stories. See if you can spot these objects created by beer foam:


1. Where's the rest of the skeleton?

2. Even Chris Pratt couldn't stop this dinosaur.

3. All that's missing are Alaska and Hawaii.

4. Can you spot Czechoslovakia?

5. Look, its Smaug!

6. Perhaps this beer came from a tree.

7. Just do it.

8. Beer makes you and your foam happy.

9. What does a ghost drink? Boo's!

10. Like a safari in your glass.

11. That's an adorable cat.

12. You don't need a microscope to see this neuron.

13. They come in peace.

14. Make a wish on the shooting star.

15. A drink fit for Captain Ahab.

16. If you look real close, beer foam can resemble the best art.

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