There Has Never Been A Woman Who Received A College Football Scholarship — Until Now

“I’m ready to compete."

While Becca Longo won't be the first woman to play college football, she is believed to be the first to ever obtain a scholarship to do so.

The 18-year-old — who is currently a senior at Basha High School in Chandler, Ariz. — recently signed a letter of intent to play football at Adams State University, an NCAA Division II school located in Alamosa, Colo. Longo will be playing basketball there, too.

As ESPN reports, there have been about a dozen women to play college football in history but it seems none of the ones who played for NCAA-affiliated programs received scholarships.

"I was completely shocked," Longo told CNN about the history-making news. "Everybody who has it on video said my jaw dropped to the floor."

Longo — who is a kicker — has only been playing football competitively during her sophomore year at another Arizona school, Queen Creek High. She transferred to Basha High her junior year and was forced to sit out that year. During that time, Longo suffered a back injury that threatened to put an end to her career. But, in the end, she recovered and joined the team.

The high schooler, knowing she wanted to play in college, took initiative and sent out video highlights to schools and began following Adams State head football coach Timm Rosenbach on Twitter.

Rosenbach told CNN that Longo "kind of put herself out there to let everyone know she wants to do this." After receiving a visit from Adams state offensive coordinator Josh Blankenship to express interest, Longo visited the university where she "just fell in love with the campus."

"I kind of put the ball in her court. She took advantage of that, and I was impressed, not only as an athlete but as a person," Rosenbach said to CNN. "It's hard to find good kickers. She's got great mental toughness. She has to, if she's put herself in this position. By having that mental toughness, she deserves an opportunity right there to compete."

While Adams State does have a returning sophomore in Eduardo Majalca and new signee Tiago Paim on the team, Rosenbach told Longo the job for kicker is up for grabs.

"I'm ready to compete," Longo told ESPN.


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