This Isn't Just Another 'Beauty Through The Decades' Video And These Aren't Just Any Women

"Here's to reality!"

A hundred years of Iranian beautyIndian beauty, South and North Korean beauty, American men's beauty and whatnot. You all know these videos, the originals and the rip-offs.

But here's one that really stands out in all of that clutter.

Created by a Polish seamstress and costume aficionado Karolina Żebrowska, this video is not just another "beauty through the decades" time-lapse, although it was supposed to be ... 


As a costume design professional, who runs a blog called Domowa Kostiumologia, Żebrowska wanted to take a shot at the popular video format and showcase her talent. After some research, she became aware of how stereotypical and often inaccurate most of them are.

"As a person interested in the history of fashion and beauty it really bugged me how inaccurate some of these are. The beauty standards they show are almost always our contemporary stereotypes of the past decades," Żebrowska writes in her blog.

She was struck by the fact how these videos only focus on the ideals of beauty, instead of focusing on reality. So, naturally, she decided to create her own version.

Check out Karolina's version of "beauty through the decades" and see if you can spot what's different about it:

Żebrowska's video does a great job accurately portraying historical eras such as The Great Depression or the first and second World Wars. 

But even more amazing is that she draws attention to the real, everyday women of those decades and not just their shiny, pop culture tokens.

"I became more and more aware that beautiful faces and fashion we see on the photos, ads and fashion plates are just an idealistic version of reality. So here's to reality," Żebrowska writes.

To reality, indeed!


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