You Can Now Buy Designer-Quality Makeup For Less Than $3, Thanks To This Entrepreneur

And it'll come in environmentally-friendly packaging!

How excited would you be if you could get designer-quality makeup for less than $3? If you're like us, the answer is pretty damn excited. 

The beauty industry is constantly evolving and, here to shake things up is Beauty Pie, a subscription service where members are able to buy high-end cosmetics without the retail markups. Beauty Pie's makeup is sourced from the same major cosmetics manufacturers that make beloved designer makeup in France, Korea, Italy, Germany, the UK and the United States. It's then bottled in Beauty Pie's packaging.

For $10 a month, members are able to purchase mascaras for $2.06, lipsticks for $2.39, and foundation for $5.07. You can also purchase the makeup without a membership at moderate prices. Beauty Pie was founded on the idea of total transparency, so every product listed on the online retailer has a cost breakdown that shows exactly how they determine the price of each item. 


Beauty Pie's founder, Marcia Kilgore, a serial entrepreneur who previously founded brands like Bliss and Soap & Glory, was inspired to start the company after witnessing the success of Spotify, Netflix, and Everlane.

"I've seen the things that really shake up old industries are not changing what people buy. They're changing how people buy it," Kilgore told A Plus. "Being in the cosmetics industry for the last 20 something years, my favorite thing to do has always been going to the factories and seeing the different product options available — the colors, formulas, ingredients and so on. I saw the opportunity to bring that 'kid in a candy store' feeling to every beauty product-loving woman in the world. Because who wouldn't want to be able to buy luxury makeup directly off the factory production line?" 

Aside from the low price and transparency, we love Beauty Pie's sleek, lightweight, and environmentally-friendly packaging. 

"We haven't added the usual heavy over-the-top ornate caps or false-bottomed plastic jars. Instead, we've chosen plant-based inks and recycled cardboard for our cartons and we do everything in our power to avoid metallic and foils," Kilgore said. "It's a reality that way too much cosmetic packaging is ending up in landfills and the more complex the componentry, the less easily it can be broken down."

"We have made it part of our mission to always make sure that our packaging is as ecologically conscious as possible, and are always working to make changes and advancements as well."

Beauty Pie's business model may represent a shift in the industry. 

"Women are buying cosmetics online more and more as opposed to going into a department store, trying different things out, talking with the sales people and going for the name brand you are most familiar with," Kilgore said. "I think that trend will continue to rule, but the focus will be much more on ingredients and results and much less on brand name. I wouldn't call it a backlash to brand-dominant beauty, but I do see consumers solely focused on the quality of the product more so than the name on the tube."

Well, it's about time.

Cover image via Ariana Marini


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