Watch These Women Taste Test 9 Edible Beauty Products

Have your soap and eat it too.

Sometimes beauty products smell good enough to eat. But would you actually ever consider nibbling on, say, a bar of soap? Or sipping on some face mist?

In a hilarious video from Clevver Style, Lily and Joslyn, hosts of the channel's Beauty Break series, taste test nine weird, edible beauty products and record their reactions on camera. 

The products include a candy cane-flavored scrub, an "amuse-bouche" lipstick, and a strawberry lotion, among other intriguing items.


And though some of the products are probably best left for beauty purposes only, some of them have Lily and Joslyn going back for seconds. 

"This is just like eating candy canes," Lily says as she tries out one of the scrubs made of coconut oil, raw sugar, glycerine, and candy canes. "And you can exfoliate your lips."

Of course, these products aren't meant to be legitimate snacks — so don't consume them in large quantities. That said, feel free to lick your lips and taste some of these products for yourself. 

Be sure to check out the full video below for more:


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