A Beatboxing Man Invited Strangers To Rap Over His Beats. Those Strangers Delivered.

Summer vibes.

We're deep into summer now and that means people are really letting loose with their free time in the warm weather. Beach days, weekend getaways and park sunshine rays are all part of the equation — the perfect formula for a flush of creativity.

Chris Sullivan of Shockwave Beatbox probably knows this all too well, so he set up shop in a New York City park to see what would happen when he gave passersby an open mic to spit on while he beatboxed in the background.


He started by asking people to "take a beat."

Then he dove in and strangers joined immediately.

All you have to do is give someone a mic.

It was an all-ages affair.

All species, too.

A dancing cow even showed up to the party.

Everyone had a pretty, pretty good time.


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