This Machine Turns Songs Into Meatballs. No, Really.

Beats > Beets.

Music lovers, brace yourselves, because your perception of the phrase "sizzling beats" is about to change forever.

A group of interactive art students from Sweden developed an ingenious machine that bridges the gap between cooking and music. Their project, titled Beatballs, literally gives people the opportunity to taste sound by translating their favorite beats into food. Particularly, meatballs.

"Food and music — a relationship that has endured the passage of time across many cultures. They are historical complements and partners, from the kitchen to the dining room," Beatballs state in its press release.

But for the first time ever, these two beautiful components have the ability to join each other in a holy matrimony in our stomachs.


No, no, this is not what you think.

The Beatballizer machine uses a code that translates music into different recipes for meatballs. So you can experience for yourself what Justin Bieber's 'Baby' or Michael Jackson's 'Beat It' taste like.

Curious to see how it works?

According to the developers, they 'analyzed how various music attributes can be expressed through tastes, taking into consideration the social, cultural and historical associations of both food and music.'

Based on that code, they were able to assign a DNA to every song, which is a 'unique blend of tempo, cadence, mood and key,' and translate those into a unique recipe.

"Here is an example using 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams. 'Happy' is played in F-minor, giving the meatball a base of chickpeas and garlic. It scores above average on energy level, tempo, chatter, and mood, according to the Beatballs song analyzer. This music profile inspires additional dashes of thai basil, lemon zest, curry, and strawberries," Beatballs explain on its Kickstarter page.

Then, the Beatballizer comes into play.

By mixing, rolling and cooking, the machine produces a unique meatball that tastes like the song you 'ordered.'

Voilà, the musical meatball!

Check out the video below to see the full process:

(H/T: Trend Hunter)


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