Dad Battles His Daughter In Beat Boxing After Teaching Her, Takes Brutal Loss

Who are these people and how did they get so good?

Beat boxing has existed in one way or another throughout all different kinds of music. 

Today, it has evolved into a primarily hip-hop based percussion sound that involves nothing but the vocal talents of whoever has the mic. Legendary beat boxers like Rahzel have made a career out of their uncanny ability to replicate real instruments, but also create sound that is uniquely their own.

In July, we got a look at a pair of beat boxers that absolutely blew us away. The catch? They are father and daughter. 

Nicole Paris first battled her father in 2014, in a video that got some traction but wasn't nearly as popular as their most recent release. 


Here is that battle from 2014:

As most people felt Nicole got the best of her father, it turns out he asked for a rematch. 

"I guess this will be battle part two," he says before the match begins. "Because most of you folks said she won but... that's good, that's good."

From there, he just hops in.

At first Nicole seems into it, but then... not so impressed.

She gives a quick round in response, to her dad's approval, and then things get real when dad messes up...

Nicole takes off her glasses, getting serious...

And then goes off one one of the best beat boxes we've ever heard. Just look at dad:

It's an unusual tale of competition and love; and so fun to see the way they enjoy each other's work. But, of course, this is beat boxing. 

Which means words and pictures alone can't do it justice. Here's the video:


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