A Family Of Bears Beat The Heat By Having A Pool Party, But Not Everyone Was Happy About It

"They took my floatie!!"

As back-to-school is quickly approaching, parents are trying to maximize the amount of fun that can be had in the remaining days of summer vacation, including family trips to the pool. As the Basso family in Rockaway Township, New Jersey recently discovered, this logic also applies to black bears. 

A mother black bear and her five cubs entered the pool in the Bassos' backyard on August 19 and appeared to have a really good time.


The bears seem to be having a really good time jumping in and out of the pool, splashing around.

The cubs even spent time on the slide and swing set, proving that children of all species just want to have fun.

The real heroes of this story are the sides of the pool, which stood tough with the bears climbing all over them.

It's easy enough for those of us watching the video to get a laugh from the ordeal, but the youngest member of the Basso family certainly did not agree.

The two young Basso girls, ages 3 and 5, were very much unimpressed by the backyard visitors.

One of the girls can be heard saying, "They took my floatie!" as the mother bear tossed them out of the pool, rightly concerned that the bears are trashing their belongings. The girls can also be heard crying when their father confirms that the pool is probably ruined, and they'll need to get rid of it. 

Check out the series of videos of the New Jersey pool party everyone will be talking about:

After a long day of play, the bears finally left the Basso home, but that pool has definitely seen better days.

[All images via: Tim Basso]

[H/T: CBS New York]


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