This Guy's Beard Doubles As A Nest For A Tiny Duckling

We definitely didn't see this coming.

Beards have been taking over both runways and streets for a while now. And while facial hair is a solid addition to anyone's lookbook, it can apparently also serve an even higher calling. Take Reddit user Spongi as an example.

Spongi took it upon himself to incubate and hatch chicken eggs. And while the experiment at large failed, it turned out that one of the eggs was a duck egg. And it hatched.


So now Spongi had a duckling...

that needed a mother duck to take it under her (warm and protective) wing.

And Spongi found a beautiful solution.

It might have been a little unconventional,

but it was definitely heartwarming.

"You will get pecked, but it doesn't hurt. Unless it's your eyeball. That hurts," Spongy says.

The two of them do look very cozy.

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